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Paypal and our goverment

paypal is a sign of the time. use your head a monopoly and is out of control. just like our government it is out of control. here today to write this and most likely in a concentration camp in the near future that is were we are all going to end up by the looks of it,seriously how much of a pattern does this one compete with others you see daily on the news,If you vote vote for the right leader if you are not used to hardships get ready because the only way to stop this kind of shit will only be an option for a limited time because when they get ahold of our rights the rest of the pieces will all fall into place and then the inevitable will be your reality. I was screwed by paypal but our government is allowing for this type of thing to consume all of our tools that will be necessary to stop this in the future. Once they get certain wins and have completed their agenda they will and start the next part of the game and if they have all the money they need to win.

it is all planned and has been put in motion all over the world. we need to forget about fighting world politics with yelling about lame as shit like this we need to get smart and find a few allies quickly that will allow for us to hold these creaps accountable and put the jerks on the end of a rope intead of the end of a court room docket. a courtroom docket only works if you can afford to sue the people responsible and if you can prove you suffered business loss because of them. I bet most of you are republican did not think of having a business license you had done good business for about three years thru paypal and just thought for the first time that there is something strange going on here. that is my story and so we got ripped off by paypal? what can we do to them this site is another way for the real enemies to win,the information listed here is like watching the news.So they ripped you off and your starving do you think someone is going to help you here by crying.

Try and check out your alternatives and you will quickly find none of the numbers here will help or apply to people in the United States and not one of those companies listed are there to help the people who just were buyers on paypal if you were private parties just purchasing for your own or maybe even buying products at a good price for your business like myself I never even thought of selling on ebay i just inherited money from a will and tried to start my own business and I was completely destroyed for unknown reasons and im talking for completely legit business.

I had money in my account that was mine all mine and i got nailed to the wall when i ran to my bank to stop this chargeback scam my back treated me like a fraud perpetrator I had over 28000. just in one account and my back still had nothing to tell me to offer any thing that would allow for this thing to be ironed out.some how they influence governmental agencies,banks and businesses. We are all screwed but until we feel the pain and see it hurt enough people we are all going to not be able to stop it,we need to start demanding accountability from people like this and show up at their place of business They have to show up to work somewhere in the world. We have to and there is enough of us that were treated pretty harsh by these jerks.We need to organize a public meeting somewhere and organize a possey drag these crooks out of there place of business and give them an ultimatum and if they don’t work with our demand then we need to take them to a jail keeper and force the police to arrest the leaders of the paypal monoply we most likely need to just do it at there business and have the cops show up there and have them do the arresting because i think if we placed them under citizens arrest and took them to the station we could be arrested for false imprisonment, So we will start by valling the cops of the city were the main headquarters are and for the cops to arrest them after we file our complaints and if enough of us are there they will have no other choice or the cops will be breaking the law to.

I bet that not one person filing a complaint will be a cop or someone that works for our government. Now do you see the obvious pattern.Good luck and love yourself and the country you dont have to love the government unless they you recieve a check from them and trust me if you do it wont be for very much longer. You all need to learn how to prep for alot bigger disaster than your paypal accounts boo hoo start looking for a way to stop them from seizing your homes and your money because that is what they will be doing well you are trying to fight paypal. build a wall around your property become friends with your neighbors and talk about who everyone is going to vote for next time around and start demanding accountability from every official you encounter from the lowest to the highest.

That way you have the name of every person on the list that need to lose there jobs when we unravel the group of people that have been wrecking our economy.We are finding more and more connections daily and once they have enough evidence to throw down there will be only one plan of action that will be the solution for this and if they have not already burned out the road prevent them from winning then we may have a chance. So we need to pray too. Dont blame the president it is obvious that they have separate agendas and he may not have a clue of the responsible party. That is the game it is happening everywhere you cannot deny it if you dont play the game on a larger board you will lose and most of you from your stories have already lost.God bless We the People

Posted: June 26, 2013 at 5:49 pm

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