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Used Paypal guest check-out and it was downhill from there

I made a purchase online for a Digital single-lens reflex camera, the company seemed fine. I do NOT have a paypal account, and have always paid with the option of, ‘dont have a paypal account, then pay with a credit card’, which i have always done using my visa debit card. This option is how I paid for my purchase. Then I was told by the company that I needed to supply 5 different forms of id, also photo ids :| . i rang the company to see what the go was, & what it boiled down to was that paypal was saying i never verified my paypal account and I needed to do so. I cancelled my order instantly, and was shown a cancellation to paypal from the company. So I’m STILL waiting for my money to be refunded to my bank account, I can’t contact paypal as I only have the number on their site but I think it doesn’t work from Australia? The company is fine as they said they do not receive the money themselves untill the item is ready for dispatch then paypal release the money. All I can do at the moment is to ring my bank tomorrow and hopefully they can assist me as well with this matter. PAYPAL SUX!

Posted: June 12, 2013 at 4:40 pm

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