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Paypal is helping, not hindering criminals

I recently make a purchase of $260 on ebay and paid through paypal of course! because what other site out there guarantees what paypal does? well.. my account is limited with a -$260 balance because their process and coverage failed me so I took the advice of one of the “helpful” employees who I talked to on the phone who suggested I get a refund through my bank and they came through! I was happy.. till I saw the negative balance on my paypal and am now being threatened with legal action if I do not comply and return the money that was stolen from me by some kid who was on “school holidays” and never sent the item I paid for.. paypal is helping not hindering criminals. I am looking for an alternative and have contacted the ombudsman already relating to this case hopefully their threats fall apart when they realize I am actually not giving in, we shall see

Posted: January 9, 2014 at 7:26 pm

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