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PayPal is holding $4000 I desperately need

I opened a new account and my boss transferred me a large sum of money to reimburse me for covering expenses while he awaited a funds transfer from paypal to his bank account. Paypal though the transaction was suspicious and froze both of our accounts. My boss called them and confirmed that the transaction was legitimate and they unfroze his account, but they still did not unfreeze the funds, over 4000 dollars!! They claim they are protecting themselves from any chargebacks but they admit that the funds are clear and legitimate. I am very ticked off. I need this money, we are buying a house soon and I need that money to make a down payment. This is the last time I am using PayPal. It is not a safe nor reliable way to send or receive money. Who knows when, if ever, I get this money.

Posted: July 24, 2012 at 6:35 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal is holding $4000 I desperately need
  1. Kristina on

    Paypal limited my account for a suspicious transaction. It was my paycheck from my boss. I had received the same amount 10 timed before from him but now all of the sudden it became suspicious?? Both my boss and myself called paypal trying to get the money released and out accounts unlimited. It took over 4 months and after that my account was permanently suspended without appeal. I guess I should just thank Paypal for not having to use them anymore. But it was a really aggravating experience.

  2. Rochelle Ricks on

    Using paypal is downright more of a hassle then a convenience. I started up with them because I thought it would be a quick way to make a buck but it turned out to be the worst thing for my little start up company. I drop ship so I have to have the money from clients prior to sending the order to my warehouse – this apparently is a foreign concept to paypal. They fought me tooth and nail and guess who lost… yup that would be me, toothless and nail-less Four grand is way too much money for them to be playing around with.