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Paypal is holding my money even after I met all their requirements

I created my account in 2009. At that time you only needed to get 10+ feedback scores to sell on ebay. The first Item I sold sold for about $1000.00 and I received positive feedback for it. I sold a few more thing that year but got busy with work so used the account sparingly but kept it up to date as I was still using it from time to time.

Earlier in the year (2014) I started selling items again. I went from 14 positive feedbacks to currently 51 by May. I moved to new home and updated my account. Now I have 21 day hold on every payment I receive as if my account just started. I am now out of work and “trying” to do my own thing which unfortunately consists of using Ebay and Paypal from time to time.

On July 7th I called them because I had to sell an XBOX Bundle and needed “MY” “PENDING” funds to ship the item. They released the funds but while talking to the PAYPAL REP I expressed my discomfort and annoyances with these temporary holds. HE told me that these holds will remain until I EITHER get 20+ positive feedbacks OR SELL a item exceeding 200.00 and receive positive feedback. I told him that I have exceeded both of those requirements. HE SUGGESTED that HE “put my account in for a review”. Again this was on July 7th. He told me I would hear something within 24-48 hours.

Considering they are a financial institution I figured they must be busy and 10 days had went by. Still no reply. I emailed them and the default reply said I would hear something within 24-48 hours. 104 hours went by and I called which I hate doing because quite frankly I want there information in writing considering they are “managing my funds”. This time I was told I would be transferred to an accounting specialist. The specialist I spoke with had a difficult time getting the words “the back office is experiencing some difficulty and large volume of these requests”. They manage funds but have a hard time reviewing 53 posistive and 1 neutral feedback scores or simply noticing that I have sold multiple items over 200.00 with a positive feedback apparently, but I should sit tight and they are aware of my request. Considering I managed a support department for 7 years it was very obvious that the “specialist” I was speaking with was fairly new to speaking on the phone. Who tells someone to “sit tight” when they are withholding that individual’s funds? Oddly enough during this time, while listing items on Ebay I noticed that my default address was 6 year old address that had been removed from my account years ago. Hmmm.

So 5 more days passed and I emailed them again. To my surprise, my financial institution replied. However they have no information on my request but Mary (the Paypal rep) will personally take the information I sent to an account specialist and I ONLY have to wait 24 – 72 hours for them to contact me. Mind you I wrote how long I have been waiting in the email and the request pertains to MY FUNDS BEING HELD FOR UNKNOWN REASONS. That was on Friday. Today is Monday and still no reply. I emailed them again and still no reply as I am eagerly waiting to ship items that sold over the weekend. I am now investigating Pennsylvania Commonwealth law specifically for the law that states “you cannot prevent someone from making a living” (in so many words) which I am only aware of because the company I managed for lost a law suit based on the no compete claus. Im not sure if this will relate but I found this so I am also researching other angles. Regardless, if I held items I sold for 21 days, or just until I actually received my money thru Paypal, not only would I receive negative feedback, I would likely be reported for fraud and in Jail before the first 3 weeks passed.

Posted: August 1, 2014 at 7:31 pm

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