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Paypal says holding my money will make me a better seller

As of right now paypal is holding 99.99…% of my money under their hold for 21 days nonsense. What is left and not on hold is what I have left to pay my bills, pay eBay’s fees and pay my vendors. Their reasoning behind it is to make me a better seller on ebay but I don’t see how holding money, that is needed to purchase inventory is going to make me a better seller. It has in fact done the opposite because now instead of purchasing inventory to stock my shelves, I find myself ordering only product that has been sold. This causes a major problem and is the main complaint against me from buyers because average ship time is about 10-14 business days when it used to be 1-2 business days before they started to hold the funds. They are slowly putting me out of business but what can one do? Paypal has a monopoly on the kind of service they provide. Sure, you can use other similar companies but they are either owned by ebay or nobody uses the other companies. One last comment, What really gets to me about paypal is that they hold my share of the funds but they take their share out as soon as the payment is received. It wouldn’t be so bad if all funds were held and released in 21 days. That just shows how greedy, paypal and it’s owner ebay have become.

Posted: June 17, 2013 at 5:52 pm

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One thought on “Paypal says holding my money will make me a better seller
  1. Jacob Fox on

    Yeah, Paypal and Ebay both have this concept that sellers are in no way important. When we sell things, it is not because we need the money in a month. We sell things because we need the money now. In virtually EVERY situation in the world, the customer provides the money and THEN receives the product. This way of doing business is analagous to going to Wendy’s, eating your hamburger and then refusing to pay because it wasn’t the best burger you had. Paypal’s idiocy will have me dancing on the Paypal grave when this moronic company goes out of business.