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Paypal is holding payment

Paypal with holding MY MONEY, transferred money from my paypal to bank account and they are withholding MY MONEY for review, called paypal and was told it was security reasons they withhold money due to money laundering….. Ffs I only transferred £30 that I had in paypal due to selling a suit my then 9 year old son had worn to my mums wedding and had sold on ebay. Payment went to my paypal account straight after the lady had purchased the suit, paypal payment was cleared immediately but try to transfer payment to verified bank account and they ARE Still holding payment after 27 hours…..robbing, thieving b@strds, and really unhappy….. After this I WILL be closing my PayPal account

Posted: July 1, 2014 at 6:55 pm

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One thought on “Paypal is holding payment
  1. Sao on

    Here is my second website that I’ve shared my problems with paypal . Let me forward here :

    “here is my email just sent to Paypal . I feel so disappointed about Paypal services …

    “To whom It may concern

    Could you please help me to clarify why i can not withdraw my money and pay Ebay?

    I did use your paypal services for paying without any problems in the past but this time this is my first time selling item on ebay and received money from buyer. But i don’t know why you still keep asking me to declare my documents , even i did send you my personal documents already….Anyway,whatever my mistakes I think you should notice me right the time i was sending money not when i received the money.

    It caused many troubles for me really.

    Maybe my first time using your service so I did not read careful your rules about account. Maybe i did 2 accounts ? IF so you must notice me right away when i was doing the second account ….

    IT’s been some months since the date my item was delivery to customer but my money is still kept here. You could check my ebay account , customer did not complain any thing about the item i sent.

    Now Ebay keep sending me the invoice for that item i sold out. How can i pay to Ebay if you keep my money ??? Could you please help me to pay to Ebay ??? I have feeling that im a debtor now. This is so bad feeling you know.

    I don’t know this my message go to where but i do hope someone could help me …at least let me to know what can I do and how to deal with ebay about my debt .

    I’d appreciate your support !

    Thanks in advance

    Sao” “