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Paypal implemented 90 day reserve for no reason


I have had a business account with them for over a year now. My business is an online subscription service for my own betting analysis software. I had a spike in payments from my normal monthly recurring fees, due to a new ‘one off’ fee for a daily online service I promoted to existing members only. All of them using paypal to pay. They froze my account for two weeks, refused to answer any questions whatsoever and have now come back with a 90 Day Reserve deal. Which essentially means they steal 30% of my monthly income for 3 months. I should point out that my account transaction record is virtually faultless. Even the account handler I was protesting too, accepted this. A mere handful of chargebacks in one year, hardly any disputes or claim in that time. Why is it such a secret why they froze my account?

Posted: May 1, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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