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PayPal India Relationship

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Thought you might like to know that paypal did (or still does) outsource its services (I think email) to a company in India! In the user’s agreement, section C they do disclaim that they disclose your personal information to entities that aid in the processing of your transactions, however, I’m sure Paypal users would find comfort to know that it is someone sitting in India.

Furthermore, notice in section “A” that “personal information will be stored and processed on our computers in the United States” How is that done if services are outsourced to India? Even if India “connects” to Paypal’s servers, it still makes me wonder just who in India has access to my personal info and what security protocols do they use to protect thier connection to Paypal? There is no disclosure in the agreement that assures these “vendors” maintain high levels of security.

Check them out for yourself: Their website lists their services as “Inbound/outbound calls, email support, outbound collections and telemarketing support, real-time chat, knowledge management”.

The links are: scroll down to the company Daksh eServices good luck trying to connect – I have only been able toget to this site 1 try out of 5. I keep timing out.

I too was a victim of Paypal where they told me I gave my password to someone when I know for sure I did not. I’m beginning to see now how someone could have gotten mypassword if it wasn’t hacked directly from the Paypal site.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:16 am

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One thought on “PayPal India Relationship
  1. pattabhi on

    I’m pattabhi from india i useing paypal account..i ‘m doing online work so i got transfer form USA dollars.. according to pal pal rules will withdraw money 5 to 7days.still i have not received.i got 2small amounts they transfer to my local bank account then i trying . to transfer amt from pay pal after 7days.limit is excised…after i added another my account ICICI bank ..i transferred funds .after 5min i got mail..your balance (-$4.24) total amount is gone..what happed still now …i confused ..some time asked limit excised..limit also i removed…

    this are all fraud doing pay pal …after create account ..and after getting amount..they are asking limit..if i remove limit..then asking so many questions….total fraud …if i send mail to paypal peopple..we don’t get nay mail..if we get mail..that is auto replay mail……..DON”T USE PAYPAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PLEASE………………….