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PayPal Intercepted Funds

By Malcolm

Paypal intercepted a $635 payment from my Oakland CA customer on 6/2/03. By midnight I had faxed their CEO, Matthew Bannick. Naturally never received a reply. By 1:00AM I had faxed them to close all my accounts (they had small balances in them after PayPal had stolen $850 + the $635)  The theft of the $635 was as if they had stolen both from my customer and from me.  The customer has no product and no money; I have no money to buy groceries!

I have reported them to FBI, BBB and others and am trying to get in the civil court papers to file suit.  Overall in 4 recent problems with them I am invoicing them for $1.2 million dollars in actual and punitive damages.

Watch out their new agreement….they will block you from your right to file a lawsuit.


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:45 am

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