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PayPal Will Investigate

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Ok, here is my story. Met a guy through the Internet, before daring to get involved with him, paid via paypal to do a criminal background check, was informed by the company that provided it that he had no criminal details. 8 months later I find out this Don Juan is on trial for fraud involving millions of dollars, people have to testify against he and his associates under armed police guard … Get the picture? The man is in organized crime and was already on trial when I did the background check.He DID have a very criminal background!

So I contact the company, they ignore my request for a refund, then I complain to paypal twice – they say 30 days have passed, they will do nothing, no refund for the false information I was provided with. Finally I get mad and let them know my safety may now be compromised because of this false information I paid for and they promise to investigate. That was about 1 week ago. Will keep you posted …

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:13 am

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