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Don’t use Paypal or get involved with any sellers who use their services.

I recently logged into my Paypal account (after many years of inactivity) to complete an online purchase I had made from an online store, and noticed my account had been placed in limited status almost 2yrs ago, so I was unable to complete any transactions.

I clicked around inside my account to update my info and try and correct whatever was causing this (new to me) Paypal issue. After updating my info and uploading “proof of ID” requested (from two years ago), I tried to find out more about WHY my account had apparently been locked down from doing anything but updating my info.

The only information I could find about the issue on the Paypal site was a vague article stating that one’s account would be placed in limited status if: they had committed fraud, chargebacks, or other like behaviors with Paypal- none of which applied to me. My account has been inactive for years, and when I did use it, I never made any chargebacks or claims and always paid my bills- nor did I use Paypal for fraud or make claims of such against Paypal or its users. Still, my account was locked down (limited). The help article also gave no clearly defined timeline for getting a response back to attempts to resolve an account which had been limited. I interpreted this as: they will get back to you when hell freezes over.

I tried to find a customer service number to resolve the situation, but when I did, quickly found out that Paypal customer service (despite it supposedly being a 24/7 accessible service) was not 24/7 and could only be reached during specific hours (on specific time). So, I emailed them using the online webforms provided on the Paypal site, detailing the issues I was having, my confusion at why this has happened, and my irritation in the matter. I sent several emails using these forms, each sent to various departments available in the drop down menus, involving the different aspects of how this limitation issue had affected my account. I also requested that I be contacted directly- to which I have only received automated responses at this point.

After sending the online reports via the Paypal website, I checked my email in the off chance that maybe someone was in the office over there who had received my inquiries. I had received several automated form letter type messages from Paypal (which just parroted generic information already available on the Paypal website) and one message stated that I had sent Paypal an email from an unconfirmed address. Really? I had sent all mail to them through their own website.

After doing some more research on this company (and considering negative feedback I heard from others directly as well), I decided it would be best to just close my account.

Some more poking around within my Paypal account page…found the close account link, clicked it, and saw that I would NOT be able to close my account because it was placed in limited status…AND if it was un-”limited”, I would need to pay a fee of $1.50 to close my account. Complete and utter BS.

I sent some more angry emails via the Paypal website, again detailing the problems I was having, and requesting my account information be deleted and made blank or closed without charging me a fee.

Today, my defunct account is still open, all my info is still there, but now will not update once I attempt to modify it…and I still have not received a response, further action or communications from Paypal regarding my account. This company is a total scam. Stay far away.

I have learned one important lesson from this situation. Don’t use Paypal or get involved with any sellers who use their services.

Posted: January 30, 2015 at 5:43 pm

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One thought on “Don’t use Paypal or get involved with any sellers who use their services.
  1. Amanda on

    This is dxcay what happened to me.