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PayPal Is A Con Artist

By Michael

I’m a victim of Paypal. First I bought a binocular in ebay, the store they request that I have to pay by Paypal no other way. I paid $176 .00 for the binocular by american express through Paypal services. When I got the bill from American Express, It showed a charge $6.99  from Paypal for the transaction that I bought. Then I bought another item from ebay $33.30, the seller required paying by Paypal. I paid him by Paypal. Then after three weeks of waiting for the package, but It is never sent. And the seller run way I could not contact him. So, I asked Paypal for my money back. They show the policy of returning money. If the item value is $25.00 I can get back maximum for $1.00 only, with  a condition of true fraud that after Paypal investigated. So I am realize that Paypal is not a service to make buying for secure.

Meantime, I paid for my own credit card service charge. And I paid for the middle man Paypal for extra secure service charge. But Paypal denied for the service that I paid for. The facts showed the real face of Paypal organization  is a con artist group. They don’t have a banking like they’re advertising on the webs. Paypal just leans on people banking and credit accounts to make easy money with no investment at all. Be ware that Paypal charge both side, buyer and seller. Although Paypal posts on the webs that Paypal not has a fee for using. It’s not true for that. I hope that public will bring them to the justice soon.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:00 am

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