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PayPal Is A Joke

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Here’s my story…it might be a little long, but I think it’s worth reading it and it proves that this crooked company is a JOKE and MUST be shut down. My business just picked up on Ebay. I started selling some electronics. I’ve had the Paypal account for like 3 years. After a few payments made by my customers, i recieve an email from Paypal, saying that they suspect my account to be a fraudilent one. So I got the standard email they shoot to everyone who’s about to be raped by them. Asking to log in and submit a few things on their web site.

First, I filled out and submitted tracking numbers for 15 shippments, they verified my phone number, credit card info and a few others – all online. Here’s where the real game begun. I recieved an email (after submitting ALL requested info online) with a mile long list of their additional  requirements. Fax over a copy of my DL, monthly statements of a credit card that i hadn’t had for over 2 years, my bank statement, pay stub (!!!!!) or social security card, tracking info for 5 payments, copies of original invoices where and when I purchased the merchandise I was selling, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.

So, I decided to go for it, since they had about $10,000 of MY OWN money locked down. The thing that I noticed and made me really mad, was that they required “passport/Visa/immigration paper/green card”. Since I’m not a native american, I speak english with noticable(!) accent. So, apparently they decided to torture me on this matter. This email was signed by a person called Stephen. The guy I talked to was rude, and he questioned my legal presence in the US, he insulted me by saying that they “Cannot let me (THE ILLEGAL ONE!) steal money from people”.

I went furious and tried to explain to him that first I am NOT illegal, second I DID NOT steal money from people, since I DID send the merchandise to all these people and PROVED to them by sending all tracking #s they requested. Asked him to go and check my POSITIVE feedback people were leaving every other hour. He said he doesn’t have access to Ebay(!). He said, we cannot let you do business here if you don’t prove to us that you are legal(ISN’T THIS DISCRIMINATION?!). He told me to go to my local immigration office and get some paperwork proving that I’m legal.

I felt discriminated, and my rights violated by a Paypal representative. How can I be illegal, when I have credit cards (VERIFIED BY PAYPAL), social security card (LEGIT!), driver’s license(LEGIT!), bank account(VERIFIED BY PAYPAL!), permanent address(VERIFIED BY PAYPAL!), etc., etc., etc. WHAT A MORON! I was very upset with this issue and asked them if they are authorized by the US GOV. to ask for any immigration paper or a passport. He didn’t say anything.

Next email I got was an hour later. It was signed by “Kathryn”, with ONLY (!) 2 requirements: 1. fax tracking info for last 10 (!!! before it was 5, now it’s 10) payments; 2. fax original invoice. By that time I already had faxed over that paperwork: the invoices and my DL. So, I called again, “Oh we are sorry, we recieved only the 1st page (which is their fax cover sheet, WHAT A JOKE!) please fax it in 1 more time. Did. Got an email stating they recieved the faxes. An hour and a half later I recieve another email with bunch of requirements: monthly statements, DL, tracking info (last 5 payments), etc., etc. NOT including the immigration papers that they had requested before! There was something new though. They said that my account is linked to someone else’s account ending with:,, and Signed by “Kim” this time.

Now I went to website to query domain called Guess what, “No match for domain BZEZZ.COM”…so this domain is not even registered(doesn’t exist!). How the hell I have anything to do with a complaint or anything related to a domain that doesn’t exist. What can I say about them?!?! But check this out, another hour later and I recieve email saying “Our review is complete and we have restored your account”, WHAT A MIRACLE! Only 2 days in Paypal’s dungeon?!Alas, no, logged in, still limited account. 15 minutes latergot  this:”We’re sorry, but your account limitation cannot be lifted at this time”…NO COMMENTS.

How can a “respectful” company (they claim they are) play games like this with its own customers that contribute hundreds and thousands of dollars. I just told them over the phone: Is this the way you say thank you to your customers? You rip them off, you ruin their reputation, you disturb them by putting them thru a nightmare…? How dare you play your monkey games with people?! THANK YOU! …and hung up. I have been collection anything that I happened to find, printed out all their emails, articles on the web, anything and I’m taking these crooks to the court.Already talked to my lawyer. Somebody has to put them where they belong – IN JAIL! Probably this won’t be me, but with little help we can have them SHUT DOWN or go out of business!

P.S. Hope you read this before you become a Paypal customer. I can be reached at
I live in LA, CA

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:56 am

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One thought on “PayPal Is A Joke
  1. Dom on

    Paypal wont release my fund’s, I have feedback, I hate them.