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PayPal Is Crappy

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

I found a much better alternative to crappy paypal.  It’s called Hyperwallet.  It is a Canadian based company offering money transfers online.  No credit cards needed.  You send the funds to your hyperwallet account which is linked to your bank account. You can send money to another hyperwallet user with a hyperwallet account and an email address.  This means no credit card payment just cash from your bank accounts.  They actually answer your emails and have customer service people who you can talk to with any problems.  Many banks across Canada support this company. You can send and receive CDN or US funds in a matter of seconds and is much cheaper than paypal. I signed up for hyperwallet with my local bank and it is totally awesome.

The best thing about hyperwallet it supports eBay auctions!

Free for Buyers and competitive fees for Sellers.

pay for your eBay auctions without a credit card, take the funds straight from your bank account.

How do I get funds out of hyperWALLET?

HyperWALLET will transfer your funds to any financial institution in Canada or the United States upon your request

It is still a new company so not many sellers on eBay have hyperwallet account.  I believe this is the next wave in online payment options.  Worth checking out.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:39 pm

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4 thoughts on “PayPal Is Crappy
  1. Mrs.Helensworth on

    It’s good that you found an option for non-us account holders. My paypal account was put on hold for a few too many days so I started looking around and found lots of great alternatives. Ebay wants you to believe they are the only option but that is so untrue.

  2. Lewis Goldberg on

    My pay pal account gave me such a headache I left also. For those who are no Canadian I would suggest using Great customer service and no head aches!

  3. Shelly Smith on

    i was having problems with my paypal as well. i shipped some products to a buyer and the buyer. later claimed that they never recived it. I had all the proof that i shipped it and they did recived it on top with no error. To make a long story short stupid paypal didnt take my side and un up giving to the buyer. I hate them. I decided to go to another company as well. far more better and excellent service and rates!!!!!

  4. Robert on

    well bye bye Hyperwallet link to Paypal as of August 17 2012!