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PayPal Is Hard Labor

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I was a active Ebay seller as of two months ago untill PayPal froze my first account for over 800 dollars.I found such a good source for dvds and went from 60 or so feedbacks to about 300 in a matter of two months and I became a power seller.Everything was looking great and I thought I was finally on my way to making myself a reputable business on Ebay.Wrong,after PayPal froze my funds I had about 300 dollars in orders to fill (which I did at the time)and I wanted to continue selling but with almost 100 items for sale all with Buy It Now w/immediate payment required I was totally screwed because nobody could pay me!! Ebay said they wont refund my listing fees,even though the auctions became totally useless after my paypal account was frozen and I couldnt recieve payments.

Thats not even the worst of it, I went ahead and asked my father who is 65 years old and just about the most square strait going person you will ever meet to open a PayPal account.With my help he did and I started accepting PayPal payments again.Every time someone deposited money I would transfer it to his account just incase.Well they got me anyway, I had over 500 dollars which was payments for over 50 auctions in one night and the next day it was frozen!!! I couldnt believe it,they said that they thought there might be fraudulant acctivity on the account and requested more information.They put us throught the ringer,I mean I bought a house with less information then they requested.Social security number,bank account statements,credit card statements,photo ID,Signatures,PayStubs,and Utility bills.

I am not bullshitting you I have the stack of info still sitting next to me.So after about 3 weeks collecting all this information and faxing everything over to them to review plus verifying our home address credit cards and phone number they STILL would not release the funds!! Turns out my brother in Arizona owes PayPal about 900 dollars and I was told be a Manager or Team Leader that since I had a family member who owed PayPal money they would freeze our money indefinatley.I asked who the hell do think you people are the mofia!!?? I was asked If I wanted to use my dads balance and mine to pay for his debt!!?? I sware on my children this is the truth, he was very smerk about the whole thing as well and I could tell he was enjoying giving me this total heap of shit of a lie so they could keep my money.

I asked “Now If you owe money to a credit card or bank does that mean they can go after ALL your family members for the payment??” The PayPal manager replied “this is how it is and you agreed to the user agreement when you signed up as a business member”. Wow they can extort money from anyone they want,I live in Philly PA and it can be pretty rough around where I live.Ive been robbed at gunpoint 3 times,NO BS. They most money they got off me out of the three times was 300 dollars and about 50 each other time. PayPal doesnt need a ski mask or a gun they are robbing people blind EVERY GOD DAMN DAY and it seems like for the average person or Ebay user It is useless to try and get your money back.After the conversation with the manager I thought maybe I should petition the court in a small claims case but I figured it wouldnt go anywhere.

 I myself and my father filled every single request PayPal requested and they bluntly outright stole my money.Now the end result,I am unemployed and this was actually helping me to support my 4 children and our home and since all this happened we have defaulted on our mortgage,credit cards have been not paid and we have had 5 shutoff notices from every utility company we use,gas,electric,etc. Ive been working off
and on but the economy sucks right now and the business Im in reflect the economy and the highs and lows.Right now its very low and no one is purchasing high end products to install in thier home which reflects my business directly. I was averaging about 25 dollars per sale with over 40-100 auctions a week.I had only 2 complaints out of almost 500 sales and I was really kicking ass.

Now my Ebay account is suspended for non payment my PayPal accounts are still frozen and I am out about 1400 dollars when you include all the times PayPal got the money and I sent the product anyway.Towards the end of everything I totally just gave up on everything and started leaving buyers hanging waiting for their goods.I was so depressed and pissed off that I didnt even want to go near my
computer and up till this point I would be on and off the computer all day every day.I was apart of the class action lawsuit or so I was told I was eldgable for a refund or something about a year ago because paypal never gave people an account statement or something

.Any way PAYPAL REALLY DOES SUCK! Somone needs to do something or this will continue as long as Ebays around.Ebay will not accept any responsibilty for PayPals actions either,they bought the damn company but say they dont have anything to do with them!!?? People who havent experienced this with PayPal and Ebay dont understand how bad it can really get.PayPal is getting rich on our moneys interest and they are getting away with it.Someone needs to start a new online payment company that can actually accept PayPal payments.A merchant account that can accept payments from PayPal as well as credit cards and checks.No one does this and you really cant sell anything on Ebay unless you accept PayPal so your screwed basically without it.Its been
about 5 months now and Im finally getting the lump that been sitting in my throat all this time for what they did.

I feel like Ive let my family down as well as my wife,for not being able to support them with my Ebay venture.I thought I could finally get out doing manual labor for a living and sell dvds but I guess I was wrong.I guess it just wasnt meant to  be.PAYPAL SUCKS!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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