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PayPal Is Messed Up

By Henry

i think paypal is messed up, i recently purchased an item for $155 USD. but i had $25 USD in my Paypal. and i forgot to transfer $130 USD to my paypal account for the purchase. Anyways when i made the purchase it didnt ask that i have less money in my account or anything else, and i got the item i purchased too. After a week i recieved an email form paypal saying i am fraud and i tried to purchase the item when i had $0 in my account (even tho i had $25). I got so pissed so i emailed them back and said i had $1,000 USD in my account and the payment was accpted and the money was cut from my paypal account and you are a fraud you got $850 out of my account.

They emailed me back and said i dont see any transfers in your log over $200. i told them thats your problem with your site, which is messed up(i had to email them 3 times then they said mybe thier site has some databse problem) and told them if they dont return my $850 back to me i will have to call the police or even take a higher step, and Guess what after a week when i logged in back, i had $850 in my account which wasnt mine.

dumb paypal

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:11 pm

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