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PayPal Is Not Fair

By Federico Reggiani

Hi in April 20 of 2002, PayPal blocked my account, with U$S20,000 inside (yes thousands) Im not american, they never asked for my Social Security number. thay work with International People. I was selling some lenses that i had on eBay. I have sent all the merchandise, also i have sent the Priority Mail Tracking for all the customers that bought my products. But PayPal never give me back my money. First they told me that i have to wait 6 months to resolve the restriction (for security reasons, they want to be sure that you willl receive no cashbacks) After the 6 months i leave USA, and now i live in Europe. They told me that will close my account and will send the money to my bank in Europe. I have sent more than 30 faxes with my bank information, more than 200 EMails. More than 50 calls to the customer service (exist?) Nobody can help me Always says “give me the bank information” i send it, nothing happend “send by FAX your new information” i send it, nothing happend If i call,  they make me wait 50 minutes, ans says “yes give me bla bla bla)

Now they ask for my Social Security, that never asked before, and that i dont need, because PayPal works with International people, and they doesnt have Social Security number. They have my U$S20,000, and now doesnt give me response to my EMails. I had cashbacks (because i cannot buy more merchandise to send to the customers, and PayPal didnt let me give them a refund or get the money to buy merchandise, they just freeze my funds, or stole it) i had to buy merchandise with money from my friends, to send to the customers (because i will go to the prision if not), and i have sent (one year ago) all the products, and the corresponding Tracking Number to PayPal. But i think i will not get my money back anymore I hope the people do not select PayPal to tranfer money on Internet, because they are not fair.

Thank you very much

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:42 am

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