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PayPal Is Not Safe

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I have been a paypal / ebay user since late 1999. I had a “premier” paypal with all the perks – debit card and everything. I hung with them through all the changes they made after ebay bought them. I hung with them through the settlement (which incidently I was supposed to get some money from and never received it). Less than a month ago I went to log into my account and was greeted with a message that my account had been terminated and I would have access for 180 days then it would be permanently terminated after that time.  I had no violated their terms of service. Nor did I receive any email about the suspension.

My calls to paypal customer service only result in no help. They refuse to tell me why the account is suspended and they refuse to put me through
to speak to someone who can tell me. If there is anyone out there who can put me in touch with someone who can help please respond here and I will watch for it.  I asked that my info not be published because I am still trying to do business without paypal and keep up my reputation as a wonderful service provider. However it is difficult since the majority of my customers use paypal and that is how they prefer to pay. I had heard from others about how paypal screwed them over and thought gee that will never happen to me – how wrong I was….

If visitors to this site learn anything – learn this – I had been with paypal almost since the day they launched the site – tenor did not matter nor did it matter that I generated THEM a good income on the fees for receiving payments. IT CAN AND WILL HAPPEN TO YOU WITHOUT WARNING!!!!! Take advice from everyone here – you $$$ is not safe with them.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:28 pm

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One thought on “PayPal Is Not Safe
  1. Arlene Harold on

    Wow that is senseless. Did you ever get a reason for the termination? It is really sad that most people want to use paypal for their debit card and credit card transactions. They think the big name equals great service which is very far from the truth.