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PayPal Is Robbery

By Simonne

Paypal has taken over $200.00 out of my checking account and when it showed up on my statements, i emailed them and they told me to fax the bank statement, so i did, then they said they didn’t get it and wanted me to fax it again. Then i never heard from them after that. So, I got my bank statement this month, and there was over $400.00 in withdrawals from it. I am so angry. I am going to have to close my account and get a new bank number. This is robbery, and how can they be getting away with this? The only way i found this site to write this, is because i typed in info to find a phone number for paypal.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:49 am

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One thought on “PayPal Is Robbery
  1. Alain on

    You should take them to court. Sue them, get your money back, and most importantly make sure these robbers get shut down for good.