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PayPal Is Trash

By Pam

Paypal is trash. I was told by Paypal 1/2 year ago that they consider  “item received significantly different than described” to be -  auction said genuine Louis Vitton, and I received a fake.  That is the example they gave me.   I listed an auction with 2 perfectly clear photos, and a perfectly accurate description. Buyer bid like there was no tomorrow won the item, and then had a case of buyers remorse.  She went out and got a slick willy to express his opinion as a expert – submit his opinion to Paypal on letter head stationary (as if we could’nt all sit down and come up with that!!!) and they found in her favor.  She got exactly what my auction showed and stated, and Paypal handed her money back (well not quite, as they won’t get it from me.  If they want to pay her fine, …………. but they won ‘t get it from me).

Be careful about paying any attention to what PP’s so called customer service reps tell you.  I think a lot of them came from GE or better followed Meg Whitman from Hewlett Packard, and don’t know what they are talking about. This finding is in “appeal”, anyone want to place a wager………does anyone think they will reverse their decision.  I wouldn’t put a plug nickel on it. From this moment forward, every email I send to anyone on eBay will include Spread the word.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:29 am

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2 thoughts on “PayPal Is Trash
  1. Richard Reer on

    Boy they sure no how to push someone buttons! I agree with you 100%. I would give them absoultly nothing as well. Good for them, hope they realize that the more they continue with there games, more and more people will hear about it and leave them once and for all!!! Paypal is pure trash.

  2. ajeet kumar on

    everyone please guide me, i have a account in paypal i forget that password and when i fallow password recover option then e-mail process is done then mobile prcess showing in the screen but my old mobile number is closed now give me some idea that i can solved it.