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Everything with PayPal is an issue

I ordered an item for my mom. My iPad was running super slow and took forever to load the order confirmation page. When it finally loaded, somewhere it had pulled up my old, closed and removed bank account and processed the order with that account number. So then I get an email saying order processed and paid–seller supposedly gets the money. I even email the seller and ask if he got the money, he says yeah.
So 2 days go by, item gets delivered to my mom, and I also get an email saying my payment was declined (no duh!) and that my PayPal account was -$100 (the amount the item cost). So I want to get this paid and be done with it.
I log into PayPal, and there’s an option to pay with a card linked to the account–which would be my debit card from my new (as in 2 years old) bank. So I select the card and enter the CVV2 code to confirm, and it should process… Oh, but no. I get some b.s. message about the “system” couldn’t verify the card. OMG give me a break!!! I use the card constantly, and have purchased tons of stuff with it, and there is plenty of $$$ in there, so obviously their system has a problem.
So I go to find “contact us”…Good luck!! There’s a lame-assed form to fill out which got me an auto-reply. Still haven’t heard from a ‘real person’. I could all their 800-number but you and I know it goes directly to somebody in India who’s accent is so heavy you can’t understand them and they rarely have a clue.
So my other option was to mail a check. I went with mailing a check. I filled out the online email form yet again to let them know the check was coming and the amount and check number. So in 7 days, after they receive the check of course, they should have my account working again. So until then, I can’t buy anything that uses PayPal payments because my account is on lockdown. OMG I hate these people so much!!!!
You know, it would be like a ZILLION times easier to have a customer service person IN AMERICA who SPEAKS ENGLISH!!! I could have had this handled immediately and gotten them paid, but I do not have the time or the patience to call some loser in India and spend my time trying to make them understand and just getting frustrated–I don’t need the hassle!!
So they’re getting a check, I can’t buy anything until this is sorted out, and PayPal just sucks the big one!!! There’s no excuse why they can’t hire people in America who speak English to work the c.s. lines.
And *this* is *exactly* why I buy from Amazon instead of eBay!!!

Posted: August 27, 2012 at 3:22 pm

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One thought on “Everything with PayPal is an issue
  1. Gina on

    I have been trying for 2 days to print shipping labels for 3 items that I sold on ebay and it is impossible. I am ready to rip my hair out. ebay is telling me that I there are no funds for the labels but I put money in my paypal account specifically for these labels but paypal is telling me that there is no money that has been transferred to my paypal account. However my credit card shows the charge debited. So where is my money? Lost in thin air???