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PayPal issued refund to buyer after I had all ready done so

Buyer supplied wrong address to send items. Items were returned to me by Australia Post. I refunded the cost of items to buyer $46.50 through paypal, but not the postage. Buyer put a complaint into paypal, as they wanted the postage back, which was $17.00. Paypal refunded the full payment of $63.50 even though I had already refunded $46.50 for items . Paypal should have only refunded $17.00 which was the outstanding postage. So the buyer received a total of $110.00. Not good when the total of the order was only $63.50. Contacted paypal after they closed the case, after I provided all the evidence. They told me to contact the buyer and ask them to refund the money to my account that they (paypal) over paid …… GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmm I’M SURE!!! THE BUYER IS GOING TO REFUND MY MONEY! WON’T BE DOING ANY MORE VOLUNTARY REFUNDS THROUGH PAYPAL. PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO PUT A DISPUTE IN WITH PAYPAL TO GET A REFUND THROUGH THEM. OTHERWISE YOU RISK PAYMENTS COMING OUT TWICE.

Posted: May 23, 2012 at 2:22 pm

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4 thoughts on “PayPal issued refund to buyer after I had all ready done so
  1. Scotty on

    You gotta be kiddin me. PayPal refunded the buyer after you had already done so?! Nothing in PayPal makes sense. I tell ya, I don’t think the right hand knows what the left hand is doing! There backwards business practices is done at our expense, literally!! Don’t hold your breath waiting on a refund for your money. I am finding there are less and less honest people out there. Good luck to ya.

  2. Willie Hansen on

    PayPal can see what refund you have made so why the hell would the refund the whole amount?? This is why I hate PayPal. They take a simple task and screw it up big time and then states there is nothing they can do about it. There is a very small chance the buyer will refund you but lets be realistic….it’s not going to happen. This is where Paypal needs to step in and fix what they messed up. And there is no point in trying to contact Paypal it is nothing but a waste of time and automated e-mails.

  3. roberto on

    Even if they dispute it paypal will find a way to screw you over. this is why I will NEVER use them again. They SUCK! They have horrible cutomer servoce and never give you thr answer to any issue you are having. WE need to BOYCOTT PAYPAL!

  4. Brain Blues on

    It is obvious that the buyer is not going to refund your money back. Getting in contact with PayPal is not going to help either. I had a similar issue with them and ended up leaving them. I was selling design sea shelves’ and one of the shells I shipped got broken. I refunded the customer my self. Later I found out PayPal refunded the customer as double than what I paid her. The fact is that they paid someone who already got paid. They never listen to us sellers only go in favor for the buyer. I hate them and went with a better merchant account called merchant inc. no more problems for me.