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Paypal is keeping Donations to pay for my husbands treatments

In February 2013 I started a fundraising site so that my husband can receive lifesaving cancer treatment in the USA. In January Gary was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV malignant brain tumour and we have been told that the treatment offered in the UK cannot cure him but simply help prolong his life and he has been given a prognosis of approx 12 months.

Very quickly we started receiving kind donations from the general public and as it had reached over £2000 my husband put in a request to PayPal to remove the funds. The request was accepted and he received an e mail advising that they would be transferred within 72 hours. He then received another e mail stating that the funds had been transferred back to PP as his account was linked with an old one of his with a negative balance on it from 2007. This is the first time he had been made aware of a negative balance. We have literally spent hours on the phone, sent e- mails of complaint and have had no response from them since writing on 5th March other than one generic e-mail this week saying that we need to go to the resolution center and clear the negative balance.

The complaint letter my husband sent to them in March outlined all the reasons as to why he did not owe them any money and explained the situation in full about the cancer treatment. As I have mentioned they have not once addressed the points raised and simply sent back this e mail referring us to the resolution centre.

We are extremely worried about not being able to withdraw the donations from people as we really need this money for Gary’s treatment and are appalled at PayPal’s total indifference to our situation.

Posted: April 29, 2013 at 6:35 pm

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