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I had my account for over 7 years No Problems..I started selling Phones and was selling around $5,000 a week and then went up..Average Profit around 10% Then Paypal Blocks my account I had to send them Bank statments along with alot of other stuff.Then they say I am a Risky seller so in order to sell I have to agree to let them HOLD 10% Of Every sale..I did not give it much thought at the time as I just needed My Money they had HOSTAGE so after that had a Buyer said he never got Package $3400.00 I had to Pay back..As Tracking was Never updated once it left the USA..Then had another $700.00 Buyer filed Complaint 7 Days after Purchase from Out of Country did not give enough time and within the next 7 Days Paypal gave his Money back $700 then about 7 days later Tracking showed Package Received I contacted Buyer said he would Pay never did Paypal would do NOTHING about it.Then I had a $3400, a $6000.00 and a $4600.00 all out of Country said they never received which I know they had to be CROOKS Paypal takes all my Money and shut me down and They think I am going to Pay back what is still owed They Killed me I had sales 1 Month of $30,000 and 1 almost $50,000 But My Profit as I said was only 10% after fees and all But with those Charge Backs Plus a Few Others that I sent out and a week or so Later Paypal comes back and said the Purchase’s was made from a Fraud account that was another $7,000 Total so as I said they KILLED Me and what Business I had Now is DEAD Thanks to them…

Posted: March 8, 2013 at 5:48 pm

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