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PayPal Killed Business

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

paypal killed my buiness, i did s small buiness on the side with ebay and i started getting chargebacks but i fixed that with confirmation numbers, i learned my lesson about the confirmed address deal, it didnt hurt me to bad but it cost me about $500. well after all that was cleared paypal still did not unlimit my account and every time i call they say they will fix it weel that was 9 months ago still not fixed i think they just dont care i still haev a couple thousand in my account that they wont unfreeze and it psses me off . i do accept other payment forms but a majorty of my customers ask me to take paypal and i have to explain what they have done .  it is just a sorry way to do buiness on paypals part .

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 8:19 am

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