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PayPal Lack of Communication

By Marmite Soldier

Earlier this year I was asked to supply a lighting system to a client to supplement a previous purchase from me, using paypal to transfer the fund. I withdrew the cash then Paypal said that the transaction had been fraudulent and that my account would be debited the sum (not a vast amount – ?150).

I contacted the buyer who told me that he had asked one of his creditors to settle the account using his paypal account. My account was duly debited by paypal and the account frozen.

My numerous letters of pleading were either ignored or received irrelevant replies from their automated system. I tried calling them but thier carefully hidden number charged at national call rates in the UK and gave up after hanging on for twenty minutes.

Again I emailed – again another stupid reply.

Now I have letters sent direct to my home asking for immediate payment. Paypal haven’t given me details of how the alleged fraud took place nor have they provided me with any answers to my repeated question.

It appears that Paypal’s carefully crafted small print says “we can do what the hell we like – live with it!”

I guess my bottom line question would be “am I going to have to eat this?”.

There seems to be something basically unjust about a compnay who can side with a fraudster making the innocent party the victim. I am holding out on principal – not for the amount of money – as I feel badly treated by Paypal.

Marmite Soldier

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:26 am

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