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Paypal laughable protection policy

This is the second time I got scammed with paypal. I’m a buyer not a seller, yes they tell me I’ve won the case. But in order to get my money back from the crooked sellers I had to send the item back overseas to China,with a tracking no: postage costs are very very high with a tracking no: My second episode was I bid on an item on ebay which I wanted to retract because I had suspicions about the seller. Ebay’s policies don’t allow – only in certain circumstances. So I confirmed with the seller about the item, the seller lied. This seller was very crooked with the intent to commit fraud from the beginning, they not only sent an fake item but lied about the location of it. In good faith I purchased the item from my own country and guess where it arrived from? Yes you guessed it China. Seller won’t refund, put in a dispute she offered half the money knowing full well the shipping costs would be very expensive. I accepted because I also knew, however I wasn’t going to cancel the dispute until I got my money back. She refused, the dispute went to claim, and again I won – woopee not much good it does me when I have to send back the goods to China with the shipping costs more than the item is worth, instead of Australia where I purchased them from in good faith. I have to pay $53.50 for shipping to China and the goods cost me $33.00. Yeah I know not a great deal of money, but it’s the injustice and the lying that gets me.

I sent my complaints to paypal telling them to review their policies and how they let me down twice etc. I was mad. And I want to close my account, however it’s pending at the moment on another transaction.

Well that’s my horror story with paypal laughable protection policy.

Posted: June 19, 2012 at 2:35 pm

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2 thoughts on “Paypal laughable protection policy
  1. Shayna on

    They offer no protection to anyone. Unfortunately it looks like you got caught in one of the many scams through paypal. I say cut your losses and don’t purchase anything from anyone using paypal. They are a huge rip off and don’t care whose effected by their stupid antics and rules

  2. Glenn Lagerquist on

    There are always problems when buying from China. The amount of fraud going on with the Chinese sellers is outrageous and paypal allowed this. PayPal lets the chinese sellers continue to sell despite numerous complaints about goods being counterfeit. And what should be a BIG red flag for ebay and paypal is when chinese sellers try to lie about their actual location to fool people in to buying from them. And they know they got you as soon as you submit your payment because most of the time shipping the item back for a refund is costlier than what you stand to gain from the refund