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PayPal Legal Jargon

By Anthony

I have always used my credit card as a source of funds with PayPal. Everytime I login to PayPal, I see an annoying message asking me to “verify” my account by providing my bank account info to them. I reluctantly provided it not too long ago.

Recently, I purchased a cell phone from E-Bay and paid via PayPal. I tried to use my debit card shortly thereafter and found that I did not have enough funds. It just so happens that instead of withdrawing the money from my credit card, as I always did, they debited my checking account, causing one of my checks to bounce.

Customer service was of no help as when I asked for a simple credit of $32 to cover the bounced check fee that they caused, a PayPal customer service represetative just threw a bunch of legal jargon at me saying that PayPal is a user initiated system. Needless to say, I will never use PayPal again. 

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 9:55 am

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