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Paypal is not letting me close my account

My story is not so much as paypal has closed my account. It is Paypal wont close my account. When I try to close my account it says payment transactions are still in process. Well when I made a payment to pay off my Paypal credit account for awhile it did show pending. It now shows completed along with all my other transactions. However when I try to close the account I get the message which was mentioned above. I had to fight them to get the money a buyer made. I had to threaten them with the BBB and state and federal consumer agencies. They would not release the money until 3 days after the buyer recieved the item. I told them a business gets their money before they ship anything out. Oh yeah I have had 100% positive feedback and been a member since 2005. After that I now want to close my account and never do business with them again. However paypal wont let me

Posted: March 6, 2013 at 5:32 pm

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One thought on “Paypal is not letting me close my account
  1. lee on

    Palpal can sometimes refuse to let you close your account for up to 6 months after you have had your last transaction this is to protect themselves if a buyer files a chargeback. But there are certain stepps that you should take to protect yourself; close the bank account that you have linked to paypal and open a new account that paypal doesn’t have access to, report the credit/debit card that you have linked to paypal as lost so you get a new card and new number that paypal doesn’t have access to. This way paypal have no way of taking any money from you should they feel like it