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Paypal keeps limiting my account

I have had at least 6 different paypal accounts since 2005. They put limited access on every single one of them. The last one was in my boyfriends name. I was barely making $500 a month in sales and had just sold my website. They put a limit on my account because I received 2 charge backs in a row. They said it was 4 and counted one complaint that was mine against another company and a squidoo payment sent to me they tried to count as a dispute. My boyfriend called several times to try to get the account restored but they wouldn’t. The lady called my boyfriend a scam artists and ( we have an online business opportunity)and they said it will never get reopened no matter what we do. They told him they are no longer letting work from home business opportunities use paypal which is a lie. He told them he could list 100 sites he knows of using them now that are business opps. They said this happened because we were getting excessive chargebacks which is a complete lie.
If you call one or 2 chargebacks every 2 to 3 months excessive then I guess. They really closed it because one of the last chargebacks put the account overdrawn for literally 5 cents. No kidding. They closed it for 5 cents. They are total jerkoffs. In my opinion if it wasn’t for us those jerks as paypal wouldn’t have a job. Id like to see paypal shut down all business opps and home and see how much money they lose.

Posted: April 3, 2013 at 6:19 pm

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