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Paypal linked me to unknown account from 5 years ago

Today June 10 2013 i get an email saying my account is limited due to an account they linked to me from 2009? Paypal said i sold something for 2365 and paypal refunded the buyer and i owe $$ for this and its not my email they told me i was put in collections back in nov 2009? i just checked my credit report and there is nothing on there about this and they said it was on my credit report and the paypal account needs added funds and they told me the account was closed in oct 2009? that they would take a payment over the phone? why do i owe all this money for something and they tell me im linked to this account but if this is true why are they telling me about it almost 5 years later? they are reviewing all the information well didnt they have 5 years to review it already? im so confused and they told me its frozen until they finish the investigation. makes no sense

Posted: June 10, 2013 at 7:06 pm

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One thought on “Paypal linked me to unknown account from 5 years ago
  1. Tyler on

    This happened to me too, some random account with a negative balance is linked with my paypal and now my account is limited and i can’t do anything