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PayPal Loves Money

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

It seems that pay pal likes to keep your money.   This is what happened to me and now I have to bring the law into it .   I bought this framing nailer from ebay, ok HERES WHERE IT GETS FUNNY. I pay for it just like one should. But I receive an empty box. I e-mail paypal to stop payment. Now a month and a half later these people finaly get back to me and tell me I cant get my $112.70 back without a police report “I had gotten one anyway” they say If I dont pay for a copy and send it to them I lose my money. I have gotten intouch with the saler from e-bay we have found the problem of the empty box UPS STOLE THE NAILER but Im a lier about my own money I think the feds should look into this Paypal has no right to keep or decided any law “I think praticing law without a lic. is illeagel ” well It seems they love to keep your money so I refuse to use e-bay and advise anyone to do the same DONT USE E-BAY

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 8:22 am

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