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PayPal keeps making excuses why I can’t have my money

This is the second time Paypal freezes my account (I cannot withdraw the money to my bank account), and this time it has lasted for almost two months.

I can pay for services with my account, but I cannot withdraw the funds (which are not much at this time, fortunately).

When I click on the last box to process the transaction, I get this error message saying there has been an “intermitent” problem and that I should try later. (I have tried a zillion times). They have given me all kinds of excuses, like I use Chrome, that I should delete cookies, clean my cache, etc. None have worked. The last time, I got a “nicer” response, but I keep getting replies from different representatives, which is very annoying.

Later they said it was my bank. My debit card was about to expire, so I waited until I had the new one. Nope. They said my bank was denying the security charge. I called the bank, and I was told that they had a whole history of issues with Paypal.

They finally told me they had a technical problem and they are trying to fix it. Meanwhile, they were trying to do it “manually” for me. (Oh, how sweet…!) Then they said that the manual transaction had not been “approved”. So, I am told to request a Paypal check! If that works, I have to wait one or two weeks and then go to an exchange business to cash it (and pay a fee). But what if it gets lost in the mail? I chose Paypal because checks from my clients in the US sometimes got lost. :-o

So, here I am. I’m still complaining, demanding that they tell me what the problem is and when they are going to fix it. Asking how much interest Paypal will give me for holding my money…

And I found this site to vent, and maybe have some hope that some kind of justice can be made.

If you ask me, I would rather be ripped off on the street by a normal thief than going through this ordeal, being trampled by despicable people who do not deserve to live (sorry).

This is the worst robbery ever (and I have been robbed many times before, one in my house, the others on the street, twice in Montevideo, once in Buenos Aires and three times in Barcelona).

I do hope we can do something, that we can be heard! R E S P E C T, please!

Posted: October 7, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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