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PayPal Making Up Fees

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Over the Christmas season I had an incident in which an item I sold was damaged by the courier (FedEx Ground). The item was ruined, and I was waiting until I got the item back, (required to file a claim), and process the refund (via the convienent “Refund” tab). Well, the Buyer didn’t want to wait, and initiated a “chargeback”. Note that the Buyer Protection Policy only protects against false claims of non-reciept (if you meet certain conditions). The Buyer claimed “not as decribed” and their chargeback went though. At no point was I allowed to offer my side of the story. In fact, I was given bogus emails to send information to. I was harassed and insulted by PayPal “Customer Svc” reps. And to add insult to injury, I was charged an additional $10 “service fee” for the chargeback! No where in the Terms of Service does it describe this $10 fee! Now PayPal is making up fees as it goes along!

The other case involved a scammer who recieved the item, and then claimed non-reciept. It was sent First Class, and was not tracked. Well, since you at least get 3-7 days to “respond” with a tracking number (which must be verifed online), I immediatly sent off an empty envelope with Deliveyr Confirmation. It arrived in 3 days, I was able to enter the number, and the chargeback was denied! I spent $4 to save $12, add the fees and I was charged 50% of the transaction! 5% my azz!

This brings up a flaw in the service, has anyone can “confirmed” delivery of anything by this method. I could have falsly confirmed the delivery of a $500 laptop, even with signature verification as required, for only about $15.

Anyone else got any similar happenings?

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:33 am

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