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PayPal Messing Me Around

I have used paypal for years, and never had any issues – until now.

I am in the UK.

It is all started a couple of weeks ago. I tried to pay for some things on ebay and paypal reversed the payments, thus causing a negative balance in my account.

I went ahead and sent the payment from my bank account to cover this. 5 days later, after waiting the whole time for the funds to clear, paypal final processed the transaction only to say it had failed due to insufficient funds in my bank account.

I checked my bank account and everything was fine, had more than enough money to cover it.

It was at that time I also noticed that my pp account was telling me I had to verify my card I have linked to it. I took a look and it was asking me to enter the 4 digit code they send to your bank account….only thing is, I already did this, months and months ago. The notice even said to check the deposit they had made on SEPTEMBER 24, 2012!

So, I went ahead and called their customer service line yesterday.

I could tell it was one of those overseas customer service places, which already irritated me even more. The guy I spoke with told me the original payments did not go through as well as the transfer being declined bc my bank would not accept debits from paypal.

Ok, fair enough, as that is more of an issue with my bank account, but I don’t understand why paypal wouldn’t have notified me of this to begin with!

So, he instructed me on how to send money directly from my bank to my paypal account, but told me in order to correct the issue, I would have to delete my bank account and re-add it!

I then asked him about my bank card issue – the guy didn’t sound like he had a clue about that. He kept repeating himself until I started yelling at him then he finally realised what I was asking. He finally instrcuted me that I would have to do the same with the card – delete it then re-add it and re-verify it, *SIGH*.

Anyways, I got home that night, only to find an email from paypal saying my card was no longer valid to use with my account!!!

I don’t know what is going on with them, but I find this lack of service from them extremely absurd and unacceptable. I have submitted a formal complaint about it to them, so let’s see what happens.

Posted: February 13, 2013 at 6:02 pm

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