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Paypal – the modern scam artists!!!

Paypal – the modern scam artists!!!

Sold only 3 things on ebay from around the house 2 of which were under £5 value and one £20 (and had to pay over 20% total fees on ebay+paypal just to sell them)

the next day when i went on my paypal account so i could print shipping and withdraw the rest of the money to my bank acc i saw my account was limited and all payments on hold!!!!!! paypal are asking for these to unlimit my account:

photo of myself
utility bill
bank statement
supplier contact information
business information
proof of delivery (tracking id) for items i had sold
invoices from supplier
add and confirm a bank account

SUPPLIER CONTACT INFORMATION AND PASSPORT!!!!!! From selling 3 things from the house on ebay!!!!!! TRACKING INFORMATION!!! I cannot send the items if i cant buy postage to send them with because my account is limited!!!! they want me to send the items and just ‘hope’ they will unsuspend my account and return my money to me when these things arrive. so i had to refund my buyers and just hope they didnt not leave a bad feedback..

UNACCEPTABLE amount of information that they are requesting. Even my bank didnt ask for this much when i created an account with them and Paypal are NOT A BANK. they do not follow any of the laws or regulations that banks have to follow and can pretty much do whatever they hell they like with your money. the modern scam artists make it EXTREMELY easy to put money in your paypal acc. but VERY difficult to remove it.

The name PayPal is absolutely correct. they are your PAL as long as YOU are paying THEM.

Posted: December 18, 2012 at 6:41 pm

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One thought on “Paypal – the modern scam artists!!!
  1. gunner on

    really, a photo of yourself? Now I think paypal has taken the verification a bit to far. Are you supposed to strike a certain pose in the picture? Paypal should just ask for the information needed when you sign up. Instead of letting you have a few sales and then hold your funds. But they know people would be more hesitant to apply with them is they requested all the above mentioned information up front but then at least people have a choice if they wast to supply this information or not. Instead of being forced to provide it if they want to see their money again.