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Paypal took my money right out of my bank account

Traded with eBay in a small way for nearly three years, no problems. Then started a big clear out and started selling all my hobbyist gear avidly. Started out fine, the SUDDENLY (caught be totally by surprise), I couldn’t take my money out of paypal , funds withheld. Then the date come for the ebay fees to go out of paypal, BUT since these fees were “withheld” PAYPAL wouldn’t pay ebay. So they go to my bank without authorization. My bank bounced it, GOOD!!!! They bounced it because I didn’t have the 130 fee money in my bank account, SINCE PAYPAL HAD MY MONEY!!! So ebay start to hassle me about all the money I owe then. They don’t listen as you all will know, and nor do paypal of course, just a list of tasks to do. Well, everybody had their items, every body was happy, over 100 positive feedbacks inside a month. No dispute, no nothing, I was 100 percent reliably. So, it continues, ebay stop me selling, glad about that really since it meant no more slaving away and paying all that money in postage without even having the money to do it. Then PAYPAL have a second go at taking my money. They were successful. Ebay still wont accept the fees are paid.
Paypal got all my selling money AND they took 130 quid on top. There is apparently Nothing I can do. ebay wont even let me bid on items now. Total and complete thieving scum crooks.

Posted: August 10, 2012 at 2:51 pm

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4 thoughts on “Paypal took my money right out of my bank account
  1. Karline on

    You can dispute the 130 charge with your bank but that might prolong you getting your money from paypal. I would bet they are going to hold your money from 21-180 days just because they can. They don’t care that people depend on their money. This is one suck ass company! They are THIEVES!!! And no one can really do anything about it

  2. Julie Adams Smith on

    What an ordeal! My paypal account was comprised back in 2010; it was such a hassle to straighten things out that I just stopped accepting credit cards period. I recently had a baby so I no longer work and I am going to start up my side business again. I was thinking about using eBay and paypal but after browsing this site I will certainly not be using them again.

  3. Lars on

    No there is not much you can do except prevent it from happening again. Dont use paypal to sell on ebay. There are many alternatives to paypal that you can use to collect payment on ebay. Close your paypal account and close the bank account you had linked to paypal. Paypal never deletes any info even after you close your account with them so you are best to close the bank account you had linked.

  4. Machine on

    I just started selling on ebay for the first time last month.I had a garage full of stuff I needed to get rid of.Well,it was $1600 worth.A week ago out of the blue,paypal put a hold on my account.They wanted my id,bill showing address,and reciepts for the stuff I sold lol.I sent the id and bill,but I couldn’t find recipets lol.I miss this stuff ranged from:fishing wire,raidos,and tackel boxes lol.Paypal,then asked my for my sociol secuirty #,license #,and another bill showing my address lol.Well,I sent that too.Paypal then asked me for work numbers,bank account info,and credit card invoices lol.Well,I sent that too.Now my account is in limbo with $1600 in it lol.I keep calling them,and they tell me nothing.I’m serious they don’t have an answer for me.I’m now finidng horror storys online,and seeing paypal is really a scam.Paypal isn’t a bank,and I read their terms of service.I signed up for this nonense,and by law they can give me this jerk around,since I agreed to their terms of service lol.Anyways,today it was finally resolved,I have to wait 180 days for my money lol.They get to collect the intrest,while my money sits for 180 days lol.Paypal is a legal scam if you sign up for it.You’ve been forewarned.