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PayPal took all the money I had designated for Christmas shopping

This means War!

I recently opened an account with paypal in order to make my christmas purchases on ebay and went through their verification process.
Bank funding was set up on my account and I made 2 purchases.
one was for £1.79 and the othe was £15.99.
I was told that the seller would not receive the payment for 7 days and that I should add funds in order to make payments instant.
I was confused but fair enough.
As I intended to do my whole christmas shopping on Ebay I added £1300 to cover all of my purchases.
My account was suspended 1 day later and my previous purchases cancelled however they still extracted all of the funds from my account via direct debit.
It was requested that I provide a very large number of documents which I simply dont have.
I contacted Paypal to tell them this and they said they will put my account in review.
The next day I received an email from them that they have closed my account and that they will send me instructions on how to claim my money back in 180 days!
How on earth am I supposed to complete my christmas shopping now?
Basically they have just ruined my whole christmas.
I was under the impression that paypal were a reputable company but this does not appear to be the case.
how many people are this company ripping off in this same manner? they must make a fortune off the interest.

Mark my words there is no way I will let them get away with this. They steal from me I will still from them. They have no idea who they are dealing with them. I personally declare war on Paypal and will not rest until I steal back 100 times my money from them which in actual effect is not hard.
Anybody else interested in joining this war let me know!

Posted: December 3, 2012 at 7:06 pm

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3 thoughts on “PayPal took all the money I had designated for Christmas shopping
  1. John Pearson on

    I used to deal with paypal,but not anymore after they limited 3 of my accounts.I had 3 accounts with paypal through different bank accounts.
    I sold some items on auction sites and paypal limited my accounts.The money they didn’t take,I had to refund back to my customers.So,I took the loss.
    I will never deal wiith paypal again.And I wouldn’t advise anybody else to either.

  2. Stephen on

    Yes i am very interested in lawsuit are you in UK. I have good solicitor, but not sure about proceeding. i have been ripped off far to often

  3. Miron on

    I`m very interested too.I have locked 300$ and need to send packages to buyers from my own pocket without garantie that i ever see my 300bucks.They are tiefs!