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PayPal got my money locked up

I tried to transfer money from my paypal debit to my paypal prepaid & they decided the action was possibly fraudulent, so limited my account & cancelled my debit card. It was not fraudulent. I needed to pay a bill & paypal doesn’t have a bill pay feature. Paypal Prepaid Mastercard does. I have called the 800 # and waited on hold for over an hour, twice, to unlock my account and couldn’t reach anyone. I opted for email help & they sent me a response, but it did not even touch on my problem. So I have this hellish issue. I need to pay my bill. All my money is tied up in this mess. Once I unlock it & transfer my money I’m closing the account!

Posted: March 5, 2014 at 8:15 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal got my money locked up
  1. gabriel on

    Very informative content! I had same problem!

  2. Del Lora Brooks on

    ii am fed up with this company. If you live in New York State , contact the Attorney Generals Office and file a complaint. This appears to be an elaborate scam.. PayPal needs to be investigated. If enough complaints are generated through the Attorney General’s Office PayPal would be held accountable for the shady “business” they run. HEY PAYPAL! I want my money back! This service has not been my Pal in any way!