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PayPal took my money (not EBay)

For some reason I have a habit of checking my PayPal account amount before I go on EBay. And it’s good I did because this morning I found that PayPal had deducted 4.46 from my account at the same time that I placed a bid on a item on EBay. This was the items first bid at. 11:49:54 pm on July 30,2014. So I went to EBay to check to make sure, maybe I missed something. Then I remembered I had not confirmed a payment either on EBay. I went back to PayPal to the help section to read find out what I could do.
I went back to EBay took screen shots of item number & then 1 of bidding activity to help prove that I had not been the high bidder & that I had not won the bid.
Everywhere I look there is something on getting your money back from a seller or from a buyer. But what about if there isn’t either. I have a Gold Star rating. I PURCHASED a item thinking I had said amount in my PayPal account. And the person that I am buying from won’t even think twice about opening a unpaid item. So there goes my 100% rating. It will be PayPal’s failing was hoping to sell on EBay soon and a 100% rating I thought would look the best.
So what do I do if the only person that I am disputing is PayPal. There,s nothing in there help section on that.

Posted: July 31, 2014 at 7:03 pm

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