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PayPal Has Been a Nightmare

By Mary

PayPal has been a nightmare.  I sold an authentic handbag withoriginal receipt to a person on Ebay.  She received it and a few days later she said it was a fake.  I told her to return it and I would refund her.  She refused to return the bag, but made demands for me to return her money through PayPal.

She then sent me a photo of a bag that was not what I sent to her. It was an obvious fake that did not look like the bag I sent to her.  I told her the only way I would refund her is if she sends back the original item I shipped to her.  She did a charge back with an echeck with her bank.  PayPal told me I did not have buyer’s protection being I did not give them the online tracking info.  They never once emailed me, but made my account a negative balance.

I have sent them 6 certified letters in total to PayPal and still no response.  I received an email that if I do not pay them within a week that they will sue me and I am responsible for legal fee’s and that they will turn it over to a collection agency.  I followed all of there terms.  Shipped on a timely matter, Fedex tracking number verified online and shipped to a confirmed address. to this day the buyer has the money and the item.  I am now sending them to more certified letters.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:30 am

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