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PayPal Nonappeal Status

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Well heres a new PayPal Horror Story for the whole world to see. On 4-8-2005 I went to add a new Credit Card to my PayPal account and I click the submit button and BAM, the page disapears and I get a instant email from PayPal stating that my account is Limited & is irreversable? I log back on to my PayPal account and it says as per PayPal User Aggreement Apr. 8th 2005 you account has been closed. So I call & wait 30 min to talk to someone and they inform me that I added too many Credit Cards to my account. The limit Visa allows is 16 Credit Cards in a lifetime & there is now nothing they can do about it since my account is now at a permanent non-appeal status. So what that means is that my account will stay open for life with $0.26 in it and my inportant email address associated with that account stay locked right along with it.

We the consumer need to put an end to this soon. Just to let you all know as of Apr. 8th 2005 dont add & Remove anymore Credit Cards or you will get locked out with NO prior warning. A happy client of PayPal for 5 years up until yesterday, now I join the millions of other very angry people who been stiffed by PayPal. It’s just a matter of time before the company is shut down permantly.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:13 am

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