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PayPal Nonsense

By Eric

I set up an account with paypal.  I lost the check card I used under paypal and did not use paypal for quite some time.  When signing in many months later, it would not let me in unless I filled in the check card number and info, only I had long ago replaced it.  I could not use any other card under my name as my contact adress had alread had an account, and I could not surpass it to simply purchase the music CD I wanted to, as apparently Paypal didn’t work that way. 

So I called tech support and after a long time I finally got through to a woman.  I told her that there was absolutely no way into my account, unless I filled out the numbers of a card that no longer existed and that I long ago replaced.  I told her that I couldn’t do anything on the site whatsoever, it would just take me back to that screen again.  She told me that they could change that, but that they will freeze my account for a long time, several months, as a precaution, and she will send me a form that I can fill out to get my account going again. 

I said okay, and I got the email from her with the link to the form.  Unfortunately I was taken back to the same old info request screen, and could not make it into the form to get anything done in the first place.  Calling back to tech support just gave me more BS and no solution.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:15 am

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