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PayPal Outright Theft

By Gregory Himes

Just found this site, but it’s been over a year since my last contact with PayPal regarding my original account:

Several years ago (before ebay purchased PayPal), the company began requiring validation for more an more reasons, none good enough for them to have access to any information other than my CC account (which was protected). Soon, my prime reason for using PayPal, which was ebay, fell by the wayside due to fraudulent practices by both ebay and their supported sellers (powersellers). During this time dead time, my account (with only a couple of dollars in it) became inaccessible to me — even using my correct ID and password, I could not access it.  For 2 years this kept up, even with periodic messages to

Then somebody tried to send me funds via my e-mail address, accidentally… I told them AND PayPal about the transaction and lack of access, and tried to have it reversed.  Instead, I was accused of fraud, and no known attempt was made to return the funds to the sender.  I was in constant contact with the sender, but as far as I know, he had to cancel his CC to get his funds

About a year after that, I checked to see (because I got constant spam from PayPal) if I could get back into my account (after all I had a couple bucks in there ^_^ ).  Surprise, after ebay had acquired PayPal, I could get back in, but I had a zero balance.  When contacted, they pretended that I had emptied my account years previous, and never had a small balance.  They didn’t directly call me a liar, but implied it, over and over again.  Since I had the web-page captured with the final balance during the month I had lost access, I find their insistence quite amazing. It was only a couple of dollars, but the amount of lost time, and fighting over an accidental transfer of funds, was worth more. The disappointment was that I was one of the first supporters of PayPal, and after a year after startup, they did nothing but screw me and hundreds of their original supporters, and after ebay bought them, they actually STOLE from me.  Hmmm…  I’m good for a class action lawsuit.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:25 pm

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One thought on “PayPal Outright Theft
  1. Brian Green on

    Ugh, I hear you loud and clear, that sure does sound like a reason to sue, your only problem is providing a burden of proof. At this point, it’s your word against theirs and guess who wins…. Them and their glossy, expensive attorneys. It is maddening! I had a bad experience with paypal after trying to setup gift certificates on my site. They gave “simple” instructions but it got me no where fast, the links seemed to work but when you clicked on them it just gave a 404 error… you think they gave a crap? Hell no they didn’t. I stopped using them after that. What a waste of time and money.