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PayPal Pain And Agony

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I have used Paypal for 2 years for Ebay Transactions. It wasn’t until I had a big transaction of over $300 dollars going through my Paypal, that I had a problem. Paypal has froze the $300 dollar transaction, which put our account at negative balance.

It appears that the buyer had paid with a credit card that was someone else’s. My husband and I spent many hours trying to get information. We were informed by a guy that even though we had a negative balance we could stilll at least send out payments without having to pay on the negative while they investigated. Its been 2 weeks I haven’t got any contacts from them besides canned replies e-mail replies.

Please save yourself the pain and agony and choose another method to do business in. It seems that Paypal has a long history of Fraud.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 10:53 am

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2 thoughts on “PayPal Pain And Agony
  1. Andrew Arnolds on

    I had a funding issue with paypal a year ago. They held my money for 180 days and it nearly drove me insane. The initial shock of not having your money goes away after about 3 months. I agree, there are a hundred different alternatives. The problem is a lot of them are at a high monthly cost. Merchant Inc has been the most reasonable company that I found to work with.

  2. Adriana Santa on

    Boy! These PayPal people sure know how to push your buttons. Nothing is more frustrating on when you are going to get your money. With this reputation they are putting out there it is almost crazy to trust them, with anything at all. It is true, there are better companies out there with less stress and most important carful with your transaction. Merchant Inc so far has won of the best reviews. Try them. I know I am going to.