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Paypal isn’t my pal anymore.

Just left the Home Depot, where for approximately 1/2 hour was expended trying on and finding the proper work gloves for the construction project my better half and I are completing. Using the self-checkout, I selected PayPal for the payment method. After going through all the motions, a PayPal is off line notification appeared on the screen. A Home Depot clerk came over and said that PayPal has not been working in the store for nearly two days.
I have been with PayPal since their startup and have only experienced problems with the, ahem, service since EBAY purchased the company. This type of glitch happens quite often and as long as EBAY is in control, I doubt the glitches will decline. I believe the only cure would be competition for EBAY, it would require an unfathomable amount of funding to do so, however should the attempt be made, I believe EBAY would flounder in the wake of an on par competitor – then again, the Federal Governmintinglikecrazy would again interfere with the free market and bail EBAY out of it’s pending doom and we would yet have another dead thing begging in the free market realm, so why in the world would an investment consortium take the risk if the free market is not allowed to determine what lives or dies?

Posted: September 24, 2014 at 6:21 pm

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