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Paypal are NOT a Pal!

I have used Paypal for 15 years, without issue, selling in eBay, with an eBay account with 100% Positive Feedback, No buyer complaints, no complaints from manufacturers.

In November 2014, paypal “Limited” my account, asking for transaction details on certain transactions involving computer software (This is what I sell, and have done for 15 years)

I provided supplier invoices, I provided proof of partnership arrangements with Adobe, Kaspersky, Microsoft, and Panda.

Paypal refused to reinstate my account, resulting in my Business having to shut down. In one fell stroke, Paypal managed to completely destroy my livelihood, simply quoting “A Breach of our Acceptable Use Policy”

For information, Software Sales are not a breach, where we already had Manufacturer authority as a Software Reselller. Would Paypal listen? No. Account remains closed.

Posted: November 26, 2014 at 6:56 pm

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