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Paypal pays themselves before they pay me

Have a corrective action that helps customers out of a costly situation, that they may have gotten them selfs into like mine.That would be a start to earn my trust.Heres what happen….

I was told by the two service reps in a 3 way conference call from both paypal and ebay that I had been the first ebay/pay-pal customer to ask for shipping charges ($11.50 for 2 usps Labels) to be reversed off from my checking account and charged to another card so that I could avoid overdraft fees. …See I thought I had chosen to pay all my fees out of the auction items before I was paid out just like I always do and most people think should show in my payment history. Instead it came out of my recently emptied out checking account, and costing me $99 in overdraft fees. When I called both ebay and Paypal, Instead of a helping hand I got the blame game or passing the buck off to eachother.(The very reason I asked for a conference call). They both came up with this in broken english, ” I understand your situation and I see now that you will have to ask USPS for a refund for 2 shipping labels” (Already shipped out labels?) I had questions instantly and all they could answer was USPS has the power here. I know a huge company like pay-pal can get this done for me. Thats the reason we trust paypal with our money right? The service reps claimed to be powerless over redirecting $11 to save me $99. If I was an employee there I know I would have found a way for the client, So I believe a language barrier and some inexperience got in the way of giving me a huge sigh of relief. Now I have to live with the cost of misunderstanding the ” Pay now” or “Pay later” option. Im human and I make mistakes like everyone

Issue #2 Would have to be the salt in the wound fact that the fees were taken a day or two out before the deposit of the auction funds was ever made available to me. I understand and agree with holding the funds till the buyer gets the auction package. But wheres the class in taking your cut (shipping fees) before the client gets theirs? The way thats set up can hurt people if a mistake or typo was made such as my case. If it was the other way around and ebay, pay-pal and usps had to wait just like the clients do for security and only get paid after the seller gets paid then couldnt that be considered a good safety net policy? Kinda sounds like a good ad opportunity if you ask me!

” Here at ebay and pay-pal we might wait to give the seller his or her auction funds as part of the buyer protection program, but we’re waiting right behind you and wont deduct any kind of fees from your checking account till we’ve made your deposits first”

Posted: November 14, 2012 at 3:29 pm

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One thought on “Paypal pays themselves before they pay me
  1. Ryan on

    paypal keeps changing the settings in my account, I have my cc as my preperd payment setting but they keep taking money out of my bank account and I keep a very low balance in that account (so paypal cant steal my money) bit now it’s costing me in over draft fees. And they always take out their fees before I get the money. Just take the fees off the top of my money and return the rest to me.