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PayPal “pending” protocol

PayPal made my life a living hell! Their stupid “pending balance” protocol is applied by default to everyone, regardless of if you are a seller or not. Well, I for one am not a seller; I am a freelancer who receives payments from his clients for services ALREADY PROVIDED, so I NEVER need to issue a damn refund! But even though I kindly explained this all to PayPal several times, they still chose to ignore it all and insist on withholding my money from me for 30 days every damn time! It is beyond frustrating! That totally messes up my monthly finances; I am counting on that money, these are my wages and they refuse to let me have MY F***ING MONEY so now I can’t pay my rent, my bills and can’t buy food! And it keeps going on, regardless of the fact that I sent them countless emails, even sent a complaint to EU! I now decided to terminate my account and find a viable alternative. F.U. forever, PayPal.

Posted: March 19, 2014 at 7:11 pm

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